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Les Portraits Des Hommes Illustres François


The images of the exhibit come from Les Portraits Des Hommes Illustres François, a book published in 1668. Marc Vulson, the author, hired François Bignon and Zaquarie Heince to engrave the illustrations, and Jaques Cottin printed it. The book tells the histories of famous French men whose portraits hang in the gallery of the palace of Cardinal Richelieu. 

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Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus

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Collection of images, including title page, of Vaticinia de Summis Pontificibus. Venice 1600 manuscript under Ioannem Baptistam Bertonum. Authors declared as: Joachim, of Fiore, Gabriele Barrio, Pasqualino Regiselmo, Anselmus, Bishop of Marsico.

Content of manuscript are prophecies in latin and italian regarding popes and papacies, accompanied by illustrations on the subjects. 




Vasari, Giorgio. Le vite de' più eccellenti pittori, scultori et architetti.


This exhibit displays a small sampling of images from a 1647 edition of Giorgio Vasari's Le vite de' più eccellenti pittori, scultori et architetti. With this book, Vasari created the first collection of biographies of artists and is considered by many to be the father of Art History. The title page, frontispiece, two illustrations, and colophon are featured in this exhibit. The first illustration is of Properzia de' Rossi, a Bolognese sculptor and the only female artist to be featured in Vasari's book. The second illustration of is Vasari, himself, who was not only a writer and biographer but also an artist.

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Giovanni Angelo Lottini (1549-1629)

Scelta d’alcuni miracoli e grazie della Santissima Nunziata di Firenze / descritti dal P. F. Gio. Angiolo Lottini dell’Ord. de Serui ; alla Ser[enissima Mada]ma Cristiana di Loreno, Gran Duchessa di Toscana.

In Firenze: Appresso Pietro Cecconcelli alle Stelle Medicee, 1619

Call Number: Tisch Special Collections, BT610 .L6 1619

Engravings: engraved architectural frontispiece and 40 full-page engravings, most by Jacques Callot, after paintings by Matteo Rosselli, Arsenio Mascagni, Antonio Pomarancio, Fabrizio Boschi, Giovanni Biliverti, and Antonio Tempesta. 


"Ulysses" by Bartholomäus Kilian

Cover Page, Detail.jpg

Ulysses: dass ist, allerhand Begebenheiten, welche sich sugetragen in der griechischen Ruck-Reiss oder Heimbbfarth Ulissis nach der Zerstrorung der Stratt Troja: durch den Welt-beruhmten Mahler Sieur Nicola in 58 Figuren kunstlichsrer Masen furgebidlt, welche zu sehen in dem koniglichen Hauss zu Fontaine Bleau was created by Bartholomaus Kilian in 1678 in Ausburg, Germany. Comprised primarily of detailed engravings afte Nicolo dell’ Abate and Francesco Primiticcio, Ulysses illustrates the mythological tale of Odysseus. With the exception of short captions written in German, the narrative is communicated visually through detailed engravings based on a series of frescos in Fontainebleau, France. 

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"Le Fabriche, E Vedute Di Venetia" by Lucas Carlevarjis

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This Exhibit features six pages from Lucas Carlevarjis's, "Le Fabriche, E Vedute Di Venetia." This book is a series of Prints of different sites of Venice. While the artists for each of the prints have not been mentioned the publisher of this book is Lucas Carlevarjis. He published this book, in dedication to the Doge of Venice in 1703. 

The items that this exhibit includes are the Title Page, Dedication Page, Paste Down Page and the first, third and fifteenth pages of the book. These pages give us the information about the title, when it was made, who it was made by, who it was made for and examples of some of the prints which are focusing on the views of churches in Venice.

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Blome, “Britannia: or, A geographical description of the kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland”


Published in 1687, this books is a geographical account and recording of familial terretories in England, Scotland, and Ireland, including maps and coats of arms. Each coat of arms is represented in a physical territory within the maps of the book. 

Full Title of the work: 

Britannia: or, A geographical description of the kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland, with the isles and territories their to belonging: and for the better perfecting of the said work, there is added an alphabetical table of names, titles, and seats of the nobility and gentry that each country of England and Wales is or lately was, enabled with: illustrated with a map of each country of England, besides several general ones. 

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