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Les Portraits Des Hommes Illustres François


The images of the exhibit come from Les Portraits Des Hommes Illustres François, a book published in 1668. Marc Vulson, the author, hired François Bignon and Zaquarie Heince to engrave the illustrations, and Jaques Cottin printed it. The book tells the histories of famous French men whose portraits hang in the gallery of the palace of Cardinal Richelieu. 

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"Quinti Horatii Flacci emblemata" by Otto van Veen (1693)


 Quinti Horatii Flacci emblemata : Imaginibus in Aes Incisis, Notisque Illustrata was created by Otto van Veen (1556-1629) and published by Bruxellis : Apud Franciscum Foppens, bibliopolam sub signo Sancti Spiritus in 1683. The emblem book features poems by Horace in French, Latin, Italian and Dutch. These poems are acompanied by illustrations by the engraver Nicolas de Larmessin (1632-1694). 

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