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A Collection of Very Valuable and Scarce Pieces Relating to the last Plague in the Year 1665 (London, 1721). Exhibit by Julia Tang.

Medical, Chirurgical, and Anatomical Cases and Experiments; communicated by Dr. Haller (London, 1758). Exhibit by Kris M. Boelitz.

The Peterborough Bestiary: a facsimile of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 053 (14th C CE). Exhibit by Alex Shimmel.

Some Considerations Touching the Usefullnesse of Experimental Naturall Philosophy by Robert Boyle (Oxford, 1663). Exhibit by Carly P. Olson.

The Natural History of Man by James Cowles Prichard (London, 1848). Exhibit by Kylie M. Reiman

Nature and Knowledge in F. O. Morris's A History of British Birds (London, 1862?). Exhibit by Mollie Dixie Beek.