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"Romanum museum, sive Thesaurus eruditae antiquitatis" by Michaelis Angeli de La Chausse (1707)


This exhibit features four pages from Michaelis Angeli de La Chausse's Romanum museum, sive Thesaurus eruditae antiquitatis. The book includes many images of Roman emblems, everyday Roman household items, Roman philosophers, and Roman mythological gods and goddesses. The text in the book is in Latin and briefly introduces the images and the objects / people depicted in the images.

Digital photos of selected pages from the original book are published within this exhibit. Belonging to the Tisch Library Special Collections, La Chausse's book was published in 1707. Besides a few stains and slight yellowing, the book is in good condition.

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"Ulysses" by Bartholomäus Kilian

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Ulysses: dass ist, allerhand Begebenheiten, welche sich sugetragen in der griechischen Ruck-Reiss oder Heimbbfarth Ulissis nach der Zerstrorung der Stratt Troja: durch den Welt-beruhmten Mahler Sieur Nicola in 58 Figuren kunstlichsrer Masen furgebidlt, welche zu sehen in dem koniglichen Hauss zu Fontaine Bleau was created by Bartholomaus Kilian in 1678 in Ausburg, Germany. Comprised primarily of detailed engravings afte Nicolo dell’ Abate and Francesco Primiticcio, Ulysses illustrates the mythological tale of Odysseus. With the exception of short captions written in German, the narrative is communicated visually through detailed engravings based on a series of frescos in Fontainebleau, France. 

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