Frontispiece - Fable of the Eagle and the Fox


Facsimile Transcription of Greek Text




English Translation

This first miniature, decorated with the gold-leaf "A", marks the first page of the codex and includes the title and beginning of the Eagle and the Fox fable.  An interesting aside of the first page is the portrait of Aesop in the center of the bottom margin.  The accompanying study guide explains that "Aesop is portrayed three-quarter length, turned slightly to the left and gazing out of the page at the onlooker, his left hand raised in a declamatory gesture[...]inviting us to medidate on the moral message of the Fables." (Labriola)

The second photograph shows one of the larger miniatures within the codex, depicting the culmination of the fable, where the eaglets fall prey to the sly fox.  This particular miniature was a lucky, last minute addition to the facsimile and was actually found within the pages of Life, the other part of the original manuscript, which got separated from The Fables.

The third photograph is the accompanying English translation.

Frontispiece - Fable of the Eagle and the Fox