Artists/Innovators: SMFA at Tufts, Continuing Education Spring 2020 Student Exhibition


School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts, Continuing Education
Spring 2020 Student Exhibition - online

Art is a part of our lives every day; so much so that we often don’t see it. Art touches us, informs us, inspires us and begs us to learn more.

In a very short span of time in early 2020, society has had to learn new ways to live, function, teach and learn. Like students everywhere, SMFA CE students were required to innovate, express, work and comprehend in new ways. We have faced a challenge and risen to the occasion. The artwork in this exhibition reflects what we feel, have learned, and our ability to continue to make art, because that is what artists do. 

This exhibition is presented through the Tufts Libraries Omeka online exhibit site, and we wish to thank the libraries for giving us this space and assisting us in presenting this exhibition. We offer special recognition to Daria Semco, Andrea Schuler and Janet Sartor for their support and efforts to make this possible. Artists/Innovators is truly a collaborative effort, co-organized by Jason Rathman, who would also like to thank the contributing artists and his professor of photography, Joanna Tam. 

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