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HOV Robert Kitchen 1672.jpg
Signature by "History of Venice" owner Robert Kitchen on title page. Dated 1672.

HOV Inside Back Cover.jpg
Unidentified markings on the inside back cover of Paruta's "History of Venice".

HOV Page133.jpg
Page 133 of Paruta's "History of Venice". Close up of handwritten correction made to the text. Previous owner crossed out original word and replaced it with an indecipherable handwritten word.

HOV Inside Cover.jpg
Provenance marks on the inside cover of Paruta's "History of Venice" (1658). Markings include signature of Robert Kitchen, dated 1680 and priced at 15 (shillings?). Sticker indicates that this book was donated to Tufts in 1860 from the personal…

HOV Cover.jpg
Comparing the newer binding of the book with the original cover. The cover is blank and shows much wear and discoloration compared to the spine which is almost unmarked.
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