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This illustration depicts the Egyptian breed of rat named "Ichneumon". Note that Belon mentions the nickname given to the animal by the Egyptians: "rat de Pharaon" or the Pharaoh's rat. Belon also indicates that, interestingly, this animal has become…

This image represents a map of Abydos and the surrounding cities in present day Turkey. Note the incredible detail in the architecture and the inclusion of crescent moons on the tops of the buildings in the left hand corner. Interesting that this is…

This illustration depicts a specific kind of spruce tree that grows near the Hellespont strait in present day Turkey. Note that Belon not only talks about the specificities of the flora, but he also describes how the tree is used by the Turkish…

This illustration represents the specific mountain goat from the island of Crete. Note that Belon chose to have the goat depicted in his natural habitat, amidst the rocky mountain. Indeed, in his writings, Belon seems to be fascinated with the idea…

This image shows the title page of Belon's book. Note the inclusion of the publisher's colophon and the author's ode to the king with the following, "Avec priuilege du Roy" (with the king's privilege).



The cover of the book is embossed with a rectangle that is congruent to the dimensions of the book. It is bound in plain, dark brown leather. While the majority of the book's binding still holds, the front cover has been ripped clean from the rest of…

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Provenance marks on the front pastedown and free paper ofThe Present State of the Ottoman Empire by Paul Rycaut. The content of the pencil marking on the front pastedown are written in pencil and may be a call number: AD860A57.On the following free…

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The title page reads: "The Present State of the Ottoman Empire. Containing the Maxims of the Turkish Politie, the Most Material Points of the Mahometan Religious, their Sects and Heresies, their Convents and Religious Votaries, their Military…

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An overview of the contents in the book.

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