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Paul Rycaut, A British Study of the Ottoman Empire (1668)

The Present State of the Ottoman Empire (1668) by Paul Rycaut was published in London by Henry Brome and John Starkey. Rycaut's book contains a complete overview of the Ottoman Empire based on his five years living in Constantinople. Rycaut served as the secretary to the Earl of Winchilsea Sir Heneage Finch, the ambassador of Charles II to Sultan Mahomet Han IV (now known as Sultan Mehmet IV). Rycaut's book is separated into three sections, his observations on the Ottoman government, religion, and military. This exhibition is based on the Tufts University Tisch Library edition, which is the second edition of The Present State of the Ottoman Empire. The first edition of the book was published in 1666, and the Great Fire of London destroyed almost all copies. This exhibition analyzes the content of Rycaut's book with a special focus on his use of engravings. Engravings are essential to Rycaut's account of the Ottomans, as he uses depictions of Ottoman fashion and style to enhance his written description of them.  

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