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"Some Considerations Touching the Usefullnesse of Experimental Naturall Philosophy " by Robert Boyle

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In his book originally published in 1663 Some Considerations Touching the Usefullnesse of Experimental Naturall Philosophy, Robert Boyle provides detailed descriptions of phenomena in the natural world, and what role these phenomena play. There is a key focus on medicine and medical remedies as a whole in this book, including techniques for concocting such remedies. Boyle’s science, it is important to note, is quite focused on religious doctrine and teachings. This book merges religion and science, using religion as a framework on which to “hang” the discoveries that Boyle himself made about the physical world. Overall, Boyle uses this book to articulate his belief that science could be used for the greater good of humanity, in the form of medical treatments.


This copy of the book is found in Tisch Library at Tufts University. This particular exhibit was created for the course Nature and Knowledge, taught by Professor Alisha Rankin at Tufts University.

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