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OVeen, Quinti_Horatii_Flacci_Emblemata, 1683 (dragged).jpg
Frontispiece, portrait of Otto van Veen and a poem by Daniel Heinsius. Portrait signed: Gertrudis filia, eius, pinx [i.e. Gertruida van Veen, daughter]; De Larmessin sculp. Print by De Larmessin and based on a portrait created by Veen's daughter…

This page is a pastedown page that provides information about the owners of the book. There is a sticker in the center of the page which consists of a logo covering the majority of it and in the remaining space on the bottom, the name Joseph Neeld is…

Le fabriche e vedute di Venetia: disegnate, poste in prospettiva et intagliate da Luca Carlevarjis con privilegii

This page is a dedication page where the publisher, Luca Carlevarjis is dedicating the book to the Doge of Venice. The Doge of Venice…

Title page in black and red lettering with a small print portrait of Quintus Horatius Flaccus.

Engraved portrait bordered with the name Sitti Maani Gioerida della Valle

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Kilian. Battle Scene. Extra-large page, folded. Signs of slight wear. Short caption. Ulysses: dass ist, allerhand Begebenheiten, welche sich zugetragen in der griechischen Ruck-Reiss oder Heimbfarth Ulissis nach der Zerstörung der Statt Troja: durch…

Series of coats of arms belonging to families which held land in England, Scotland, or Ireland

Image of the colophon. The text of the colophon is written in Latin while the rest of the book is written in Italian. The colophon appears at the end of the third volume and includes a printer's mark.

Large coffee stain covering a portion of the small engraving positioned on the bottom side of the page. Illustration depicts a female figure in ornate clothing with miniature figures with wings surrounding the female figure. An armour displayed by…

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A large illustration of the author, Michaelis Angeli de La Chausse, occupies much of the page. The male figure is seated in a room with draperies. He holds a large coin with an elder female figure engraved. Below the illustration is the author's full…

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