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Grade 10, Age 16 Westwood High School Westwood, MA
Silver Key – Ceramics & Glass
Kate Jellinghaus, Educator

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Grade 12, Age 16
Walnut Hill School Natick, MA
Silver Key– Film & Animation Matthew Seifert, Educator

Grade 12, Age 18
Hingham Senior High School Hingham, MA
Honorable Mention– Art Portfolio
Silver Key– Film & Animation
Michael Doherty, Educator

Grade 10, Age 16 Belmont High School Belmont MA
Silver Key–Photography
Mark Milowsky, Educator

Grade 12, Age 17 Needham High School Needham, MA
Gold Key – Digital Art Linda Burke, Educator

Grade 11, Age 17
Deerfield Academy
Deerfield, MA
Gold Key – Personal Essay & Memoir
Christian Austin, Educator

Grade 12, Age 18
Rivers School Weston, MA
Silver Key – Photography
David Saul, Educator

Grade 12, Age 17 Middleborough High School Middleboro, MA
Gold Key – Painting
Jared Kenneally, Educator

Grade 12, Age 17
Westwood High School
Westwood, MA
Silver Key – Design
Liza Houston, Educator

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This page is the third page that holds the actual subject matter of the book, which is a series of prints of different sites in Venice, Italy. This page has a thick, uniform margin around the print. This print illustrates the “Chiesa Del Redentore…
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