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The Revd. Hosea Ballou 2d, founding president of Tufts, made his reputation as a scholar, educator, minister, and leader in the Universalist church. His library, preserved in Special Collections, reflects his work and interest in religion, history,…

On Thursdays of late the library has posted photos of pets. Special Collections does its part with this dog, who lives in Tufts University MS 20, a psalter copied in Switzerland or SW Germany, c. 1450-1475.

In the news since 532 CE, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. Commissioned by the emperor Justinian, for nearly a thousand years it was the world's largest Christian cathedral. It was converted to a mosque in 1453, and turned into a museum in 1935. In 2020 it…

MS 21 fits the entire handwritten Bible, art, and textual apparatus into a book measuring approximately 8 x 5 inches. Eyeglasses and magnifiers existed in the Middle Ages.

The first question most people ask about Special Collections: "What is the oldest book Tufts has?" It is Manuscript 21, a Latin Bible copied in Paris some time between 1220-1240 CE. The text is written on vellum, made from calf skins. It features 80…

sojourner truth LOC.jpeg
Sojourner Truth seated with photograph of her grandson, James Caldwell of Co. H, 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, on her lap

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Welcome to "iPhone in the Vault: Inside Tisch Special Collections." Over the next month we will examine remarkable #tischrarebooks but let's start with what Special Collections really is about, people: seeing, discussing, doing research, and sharing…

Two photos, one of the top and one of the bottom, of the zine created by Grace Rotermund and Elettra Conoly for the 2022 exhibit "Ars et Scientia."

folly of our opponents.jpg
Article by Frederick Douglass, "The Folly of Our Opponents" in The Liberty Bell.

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Frontispiece of Wendell Phillips and Title Page of The Liberty Bell by Friends of Freedom (Boston, 1845).
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