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A description of a Native American political structure.


A list of provisions needed to travel throughout New England.

A map of northern New England.

Phineas Taylor Barnum was a man gifted in multiple professions such as business, show, author, publisher, philanthropist, and politics for a short period of time. He is known for many things but relating to Tufts he is known for bringing the…

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Introduction and dedication of the text. Illustration of the coat of arms of owners of the book.

Bound in embossed ivory covered leather with brass clips. The large size (13" in length) indicates that it was probably not intended to be carried around. Inside writing indicates that this version is from 21 November 1887 and includes 104 sheets…

This page discuses the health benefits and harms of honey in the text below the image. The image clearly depicts bees around three large honey combs, showing the origin of honey.

Text describes the nature of salt water as well as the optimum form for saltwater to take. While artwork on the page depicts sailing in saltwater, the rest of the text describes the benefits and detriments of drinking salt water, as well as including…
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