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Photograph of Otto F. Ege, art historian, book collector, and dealer known for selling leaves of Medieval manuscripts and early printed books to libraries, museums, and private collectors.

Photograph of Walter F. Welch, Jr. in the Tufts Weekly, 8 March 1957, illustrating an article on his gifts of rare books and related objects to the Eaton Library.

Yearbook photograph of Walter Frederick Welch, Jr., Class of 1928, donor of rare books to Tufts University.

Leaf from a fifteenth century French Book of Hours
Recto contains 15 handwritten short-lines in brown and red ink on vellum; illuminated initials and a large hand-drawn floral motif in the right margin. Verso contains 15 handwritten short-lines in brown and red ink with illuminated…

A leaf from a 14th Century commentary on Aristotle's "Nicomachean Ethics", author unknown, from a portfolio compiled by Otto F. Ege, Original Leaves from Famous Books, Eight Centuries: 1240 A.D. - 1923 A.D.

Tisch Library acknowledges the…
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