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This page is the third page that holds the actual subject matter of the book, which is a series of prints of different sites in Venice, Italy. This page has a thick, uniform margin around the print. This print illustrates the “Chiesa Del Redentore…

This page is a pastedown page that provides information about the owners of the book. There is a sticker in the center of the page which consists of a logo covering the majority of it and in the remaining space on the bottom, the name Joseph Neeld is…

AJarvis, Captions for Historia de las  Guerras Civiles de Granada.pdf
English translations for the Latin captions on title page

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Bindings, Granada.jpeg
Original binding on copy of the Guerras Civiles de Granada in the Fundación Carlos Ballesta, Granada. 170 x 110 mm.

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Image of an illustration of symbolic images representing the future of the popes. Reminiscent of astrological cycles. Details include lions, the sun, snakes, and an illustration of a pope

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Image of an illustration depicting a man writing and in contemplation as light shines down upon him. Multiple captions and descriptions are additionally on page. Notations by an owner of cross hatching can be viewed at bottom

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Image of an illustration of a portrait of a pope and the prophecy relating to them. Depicts a male head on the body of a dragon. Both latin and italian captions are included

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Image of title page showing an illustration of a male figure holding two descriptions of the title and contents of the work. One is in Latin and the other Italian.
A description at the bottom provides publishing information

Illustrated by Ludovico Gimignani and later engraved by N. Billy Sculpts, this page serves as a frontispiece for the book and demonstrates four figures (one painted within an oval frame, an angel-like female figure, a young child on the right, and a…

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The title is displayed on the top of the page in large black and red block letters. Below the title is a subtitle explaining the contents of the book, including Roman idols, tools (such as scrapers, keys), and more. Below the author's name is a…

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