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Print illustration for emblem "La Debauche rend l'Esprit Hebete" (Debauchery rends the spirit dazed). Depicts a distressed figure laying on a bed and a table with plates and a chalice.

Image of the colophon. The text of the colophon is written in Latin while the rest of the book is written in Italian. The colophon appears at the end of the third volume and includes a printer's mark.

Image of the first page of the biography of the only woman artist, Properzia de' Rossi, included in this text. She was a sculptress from the city of Bologna. Text under portrait reads "M. PROPERTIA DE' ROSSI SCVLT. BOLOGNESE." Translation: "M.…

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Image of the first page of the biography of Giorgio Vasari, the author. Includes a woodblock illustration of the author who was also a painter and an architect himself. Text under the portrait reads "GIORGIO VASARI PITT. ET ARCHIT. ARETINO."…

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Image of the title page. We can see from the title page that this edition is dedicated to Ferdinando II, the Grand Duke of Tuscany at the time of its publication.

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Image of the engraved frontispiece by Bloemaert in which six figures surround an architectural element displaying the title of the book. Three figures sit in front of the architectural element while a figure who appears to be Medusa lies in front of…

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Rocchi Catafalque, Getty.tiff
Engraved image of the catafalque for Sitti Maani funeral, foldout page between pages 16-17. The Tisch Library copy of the funerary pamphlet is missing this page.

Two of more than thirty poems written for Sitti Maani's funeral by Umoristi academy members that were originally deposited in the central funerary jar.

Sitti Maani's personal seal with Maani's motto in Syriac surrounded by Arabic text: “Most noble, elevated, exalted name of Lady Maani, daughter of Signore Habibigian of Mardin of the noble house of Gioerida, from the ancient land of Mesopatamia.”

Engraved portrait bordered with the name Sitti Maani Gioerida della Valle
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