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Print illustration for emblem "La Debauche rend l'Esprit Hebete" (Debauchery rends the spirit dazed). Depicts a distressed figure laying on a bed and a table with plates and a chalice.

Rocchi Catafalque, Getty.tiff
Engraved image of the catafalque for Sitti Maani funeral, foldout page between pages 16-17. The Tisch Library copy of the funerary pamphlet is missing this page.

AJarvis, Captions for Historia de las  Guerras Civiles de Granada.pdf
English translations for the Latin captions on title page

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1606, Gines Perez de Hita, Latin Captions.tiff
Latin captions that correspond to title page

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Detail from portrait of Otto van Veen showing signature: Gertrudis filia, eius, pinx [i.e. Gertruida, his daughter]; Printed by De Larmessin and based on a portrait created by Veen's daughter Gertuida van Veen.

OVeen, Quinti_Horatii_Flacci_Emblemata, 1683 (dragged).jpg
Frontispiece, portrait of Otto van Veen and a poem by Daniel Heinsius. Portrait signed: Gertrudis filia, eius, pinx [i.e. Gertruida van Veen, daughter]; De Larmessin sculp. Print by De Larmessin and based on a portrait created by Veen's daughter…

Titlepage Omeka.jpg

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This page is a pastedown page that provides information about the owners of the book. There is a sticker in the center of the page which consists of a logo covering the majority of it and in the remaining space on the bottom, the name Joseph Neeld is…

Frontispiece Omeka.jpg
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