Rycaut, Paul. The Present State of the Ottoman Empire. 1668.

This 1668 text contains the following, as outlined by the title page:

"The Present State of the Ottoman Empire. Containing the Maxims of the Turkish Politie, the Most Material Points of the Mahometan Religious, their Sects and Heresies, their Convents and Religious Votaries, their Military Discipline, with an Exact Computation of their Forces both by Land and Sea.

Illustrated with diverse pieces of sculpture, representing the variety of habits amongst the Turks.

In three books.

By Paul Rycaut, Esq; Secretary to his Excellency the Earl of Winchilsea, Embassador Extraordinary for his Majesty Charles the Second, to Sultan Mahomet Han the Fourth, Emperour of the Turks.

London, printed for John Starkey and Henry Brome, at the Mitre between Middle-Temple-Gate and Temple Bar in Fleet-street, adn the Star in Little-Britain. 1668."

Note: formatting constraints have caused the aspects of the images to shift from protrait to landscape.


Rycaut, Paul (1629–1700)