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Title Page of Richard ’s geographic surgery of the kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland

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Written in moveble type, engravers Heince and Bignon sign off on a letter to Pierre Séguier, chancellor of France, as his "very humble and very obedient servants". A copper-colored stain surrounds a hole at the bottom of the page.


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Engraved full-body portrait of Gaucher de Chastillon wearing chest armor and cape; family crest in upper right corner; and caption under portrait reading "Scævola de Chastillon Comes Stabuli"


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Engraved full-body portrait of Jean le Meingre wearing armor; family crest in upper left corner; and caption under portrait reading "Joannes Boucicault Polemarchus"

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Gerardi Mercatoris
Atlas sive Colmographicæ Meditationes de Fabrica mundi et fabricati figura
De novo multis in locis emendatus novila tabulis aunctus
Studio Judoci Hondy
Sumptibus Johannis Cloppenburgÿ

Decoratively presents the…

Illustrated by Ludovico Gimignani and later engraved by N. Billy Sculpts, this page serves as a frontispiece for the book and demonstrates four figures (one painted within an oval frame, an angel-like female figure, a young child on the right, and a…

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The title is displayed on the top of the page in large black and red block letters. Below the title is a subtitle explaining the contents of the book, including Roman idols, tools (such as scrapers, keys), and more. Below the author's name is a…

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A large illustration of the author, Michaelis Angeli de La Chausse, occupies much of the page. The male figure is seated in a room with draperies. He holds a large coin with an elder female figure engraved. Below the illustration is the author's full…

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Large coffee stain covering a portion of the small engraving positioned on the bottom side of the page. Illustration depicts a female figure in ornate clothing with miniature figures with wings surrounding the female figure. An armour displayed by…

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